Monday, 23 April 2012

Divergent Review

Welcome Jona of  who is doing a guest review for us today of one of our BOTM's..... Divergent.
Spoiler Alert

Title: Divergent
Author: Veronica Roth
I gave this book 4.5 stars, the remaining 0.5 for its resemblance to Hunger Games. I just couldn't stop thinking about HG while reading it, but usually, I'm not the kind who compares books. I feel like I'm reading a separate story in a Hunger Games setting. Also, I've read it for one week which doesn't usually happen. I love Hunger games but I don't feel the same way with this book. I didn't feel any emotion while reading it, just plain curiosity to finish it. But I admit, I liked it, especially because of Four. And I hate it when Al died, I thought he might also be one of Beatrice's options. Al is special for me, and it’s hard to know that he committed suicide. I also hated it when her mother and father also died. I have this feeling that the author wanted us to feel the sympathy so we could like the book...well, it's effective. ;) The protagonist is also not likable, with no impact to me. Overall, the book is well written and engrossing. The author has chosen the right factions or values that should be emphasized and she has described them well, especially the symbols that she illustrated. They keep me thinking about the specific initiations, simulations and tests in each faction. And I wish that the author has also explained them, or maybe do it in the next book. But this is a really good book, and I'll be reading the second book for sure.
4.5 stars
Thanks Jona for your review. Look out for Jona's blog on our Feature page soon!!!


  1. Jona, I had a similar reaction to reading Divergent. Unfortunately it was only the second dystopian I'd read after Hunger Games and I couldn't stop comparing the two. Divergent was excellent but it just wasn't as emotionally gripping for me as HG. I loved the Chicago setting though, and look forward to Insurgent.

  2. Great Blog. I'm always looking for new titles, so I appreciate the recommendations!